Friday, July 20, 2007

New Addition to Our World: Deaf Ferrets!

They, like some groups of animals and even humans, have deafness run in their gene. American Sign Language (ASL) and visual access continue to be one of their primary
needs. Here is an interesting website about deaf ferrets by their owner.

Here's several links on deaf ferrets:

Deaf Behavior

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Raising a Deaf Ferret

There was a documentary today on PBS about ferrets and deaf ferrets were mentioned briefly. One of the things said on the documentary was that one woman's deaf ferrets understand "outside" in sign language. Because these deaf ferrets love to go outside, the deaf ferrets know what she means. From what someone told me is that this woman was not a good signer because the way she signed "OUTSIDE," she made it look like "STORY." He said, "So, the deaf ferrets are learning bad ASL!" Oh my! Hurry and send an ASL therapist! :)

Last but not the least, here's FAQs on Ferrets for those of you who already have or want to adopt ferrets, be it deaf or hearing.


  1. Hey now, I saw that program about ferrets and it was interesting. I watched it mainly because I am deaf and have 9 ferrets. They are all hearing but I very much want a deaf ferret or two. Remember, sign language is different from coast to coast as well as countries. Give the "outside" signer a break. Smile.

  2. Cool you have 9 ferrets. A lot of work, I bet? Maybe if you check on google to see a home is needed for a deaf ferret.

    True sign language is different from coast to coast. Not all signs are accepted as some people make it up. I didn't watch the program when sign for "outside" was used, so I can say for sure.

  3. above post for can should be can't.

  4. Please let me outside! Right now! Please, please, please...

  5. I noticed three signs there.

    The man:

    "Come" made poorly with two hands mostly stuck in fixed space

    "Love" only feebly made with one hand

    The woman:

    "Freedom" made stiffly in first I thought she was saying "sentence" or "caption" but I knew her intention was "Freedom" as "outside" for the ferrets to know they were going outside their cages or the house

    I'm uploading the videoclip to YouTube at this moment. I will put link to it after this post.

  6. diana,

    Signs aren't that different coast to coast. Especially for come, love, and freedom.

    Here is the link to see that videoclip:

  7. Here is the youtube clickable link again

    Deaf Ferrets

  8. To anonymous on three signs:

    I think you misunderstood the video. She wasn't trying to sign "freedom" but it was "outside" she was trying to sign. The sign for outside is not right though. If this ferret understands her invented sign then more power to her! :)