Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Blue Eyed Zeke with Perky Ears Needs a Home.


He is a good lap dog. He likes to sit on your lap and likes most everyone. Warms up to strangers very quickly. Loves to wrestle with you using toys but needs strong toys because he chews them up quickly.

He knows the hand commands of thumbs down for no and thumbs up for yes or good. Understands sit, lay down and come. Pretty good on stay but only if he can see you in the room. He sleeps in a kennel at night and likes it. Sleeps through the night.

He is outside potty trained and no accidents in almost a year. He loves to forage outside and only a digger if encouraged by another dog. Zeke is in Brookshire, which is a suburb of Houston. Transport can be arranged.

Hope that helps. You know we have been struggling with having 2 dogs and now my husband has some health issues that prompted this final action of finding Zeke a good home. Thanks so much! If you're interested in Zeke, please contact Diane at dpm713@sbcglobal.net. Thank you!!!


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