Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Newborn Sibling Pups Dumped in a Kill Shelter!

UPDATE: EUTHANIZED! Both pups contracted parvovirus from being at the shelter too long and it is contagious. One died and the other was put down. Vaccinations would have protected them from parvovirus. What is upsetting is that the breeder who dumped them didn't even bother to vaccinate these innocent pups first!

There are 2 ten week old pups now that a breeder brought to the shelter, Hattiesburg, MS, because they were deaf and blind. Both are males. The breeder had just brought them in when we got out there and they were bathing them so these pups are new even to the shelter. The one is definitely blind and deaf and the other they are questioning that he MAY see some but they are not sure at all!!!!!!! They are doing well in their run and know where their dishes and bed is!! They REALLY need to be kept together!!! They are very bonded and rely on each other. I am the contact person for these pups!!

Sally Roberts
United Yorkie Rescue
MS State Director
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Do you know that 85% of all dogs in shelters are euthanized? PLEASE spay and neuter your pet.

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