Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2 Deaf Boxers Put to Sleep by July 20, 2007 in TX!


Canton Animal shelter received two boxers that are deaf and are needing special homes. Please cross post and contact Misty if you can help! One male one female 14 and 15 months old NOT ALTERED!!!!!!!!!! They are very sweet and were turned in because the owners were living in a hotel and could not care for them.. Please post and contact Misty if you can help! Time is URGENT!

Canton is less than an hour drive east of Dallas, just south of I-20. Canton is requesting ANY HELP rescue can give.

CALL MISTY AT THE SHELTER: 903-567-4880 or email at Number (Kelli) if for any reason you can't reach shelter: 214-734-9041.

Need to be 501c3 to tag or pull. Shelter will ask you to fax in your 501c3 - please CALL FIRST. The fax posted on petfinder previously is not in their immediate location. They now have a fax at the the same number as the shelter number, but just need to know before you fax so they can flip it to receive. That's all it takes! If they don't answer, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE or call the back-up number. For anyone wanting to adopt, it's only a $25 adoption fee (plus you will need to get rabies shot and spay/neuter within appropriate time period).


  1. Any news if anyone has contacted them who is interested to adopt, yet?

    I hope cuz I won't like the idea of putting them to sleep by tomorrow. Why does it have to be by tomorrow which is pretty soon?


  2. We need to remember that deaf animals are hard to place within the hearing community simply because they are DEAF as many hearing people don't want them. It is not only these deaf boxers but there are others on deathrow on DAR blog that needs saving too.

    It is up to the Deaf community to do their part because a tiny fraction of the hearing community have done a lot for some deaf animals whether it is adoption, fostering or rescuing, but they can't do it ALL as they have hearing animals to try to save.

    If you want to know about these dogs, call the ph# or email address on the blog of all deaf animals on deathrow. (DAR blog) posts to inform the Deaf community. DAR blog kindly ask that people not expect DAR blog to be a savior and miracle by doing everything. People in the Deaf community in each state needs to do their part. Hope this helps and thanks!

  3. yeah it's a very tough situation because Katherine (the heart and blood of this site) is doing this mostly all on her own - if more of us can pitch in and help - take responsibility of our kind - the deaf animals, more deaf animals will be saved.

    some examples of what you can do to help: search using google and find deaf animals needing homes, send the picture, link, information to which will post immediately.

    email your friends in the deaf animal's state to spread the word and find someone to foster/adopt immediately.

    call those shelters for updates on the animals and let katherine know at the same email address above .

    and if you have a deaf animal, do a vlog and share your experiences having a deaf animal, we'll post on this site.

    YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! We can't do this without YOU! SMILE... and THANK YOU from all the deaf animals out there!!!

  4. I pray that anyone will adopt them.. they don't deserve to be put sleep by tomorrow.. that's cruel of animal shetler.. they have no respect for deaf.. Keep longer and will be able to find someone to adopt them. I pray hard for both cute boxer..

  5. Hi GarfieldAZ:

    I feel it is more proactive to do your part and do something about it rather than pray.

    It is not about the animal shelter that have no respect for them. Shelters everywhere are flooded with animals and they try their best.

    The more Deaf community do their part in fostering, rescuing or adopting a deaf animal, we help shelters and other people try to save hearing animals.

  6. I called Misty 7/19, and she said the boxers were adopted on 7/18...
    i was glad for the dogs... that is good news, right!!


  7. Oh I'm so glad that they're adpoted... I was late to read that news.. If I had knew, I would have get them.

  8. hello this is Elsa from Fort Worth, I recived from throught my friend sent me email late date I gone for vacation then come back I found out too late due i just wonder that somebody already get them (deaf boxer) I guess they did take adopt oh thank god. I dont want any animals deaf put sleep. I love to adopt dogs or cats deaf I need know other time ok thank you