Monday, July 9, 2007

Big Deaf Cat in New York Needs a Home!

My mother passed away leaving 6 cats including a deaf, white male. I have posted all of them on Petfinders and Craig's List and 5 have been adopted, but the deaf one with no success so far. He has been living alone in my late mother's house which must be sold soon. He is timid and shy since my mother's passing but would probably do ok with a patient cat saavy person. My mother was especially protective of him and I cannot in good consciense euthanize him or send him to a kill shelter. I live in the New York metro area. Here he is with his hearing sister who got a home already. The deaf cat was my mother's boy, he would let my mother know when it was bedtime and they'd play a blanket game before snuggling for the night. I am willing to drive to neighboring states to drop the deaf cat off.

Please contact me at:



  1. hi i am from pittsfield mass i am look for a deaf cat beacuse i already has deaf boxer male he is 7 month old also i am deaf !! i want to know if he did has has be fixed ? and i am wonder if you could delivery to pittsfield mass i could take him deaf male

  2. hi i would like to take a deaf cat
    did he has be fixed ?
    i have deaf male boxer age 7 month old and i have other cats too i am wonder if you could delivery to pittsfield mass ??

  3. Hi Diane:

    I don't believe you have left your email address for contact purpose about this deaf cat. Can you kindly provide it here or to the email address Thanks!