Saturday, July 14, 2007

How Many Deaf Animals Out There Suffer?

Enclosed is a link of "A Cat with Cochlear Implants" found in Fookem and Bug's blog.

This is precisely why it is important for the Deaf community to adopt every deaf cat and/or deaf dog out there. There are not many of them and it shouldn't be hard for every single one of them to find a home. Unfortunately, instead, some of them go to the lab.

It is common practice that some breeders and people sell animals to the lab for money, so you can bet on it that deaf cats or dogs are sold to the lab for some money too. Someone could easily go in a shelter and say they want to adopt that deaf animal and turn around to sell it to the lab. Please don't have the attitude of, "I hope somebody will take that deaf cat or deaf dog." Why take a chance? If you can help in ANY way, don't be afraid foster or adopt or let someone you know who is interested. We need to act fast.

In one of DeafAnimalRow blogs that has an article, BoysTown was exposed for the suffering of the kittens and cats because of experimentation with the brain in relation to deafness. Now this, we don't know what happens behind the closed doors. Not only that but also, deaf animals have no voice to object to what is being done to them, so we need to do something by helping ensure there's no deaf animals available for them.

We need to show the world what Deaf community is capable of when it comes to deaf animals other than our few hearing allies who have done their small part for the deaf animals. We are them, they are us.

Here is what PETA said about how animals are not good models for humans when experimenting with them and how experimentation on any animals are not tolerated:


  1. thanks for pointing this out. I appreciate your committment to those awesome deaf pets! I would love to adopt one one day...


  2. Tim said,
    We adopted a Deaf dog three years ago from Humane society when she is 10 months old.. She has been abused and malnourished.
    As of today, she is in very excellent health. She also know more than 20 sign language. We can easily communicate with her. When she is a little far away from our house in the night, we simply use our front porchlight(turn it on and off conitnually until she returns.) So obviously she know hwo to use her eyes instead of her ears smile... as we are.. That is cool!

  3. there is an austrailian shepherd mix at the feed store near our house that is deaf, is there any groups in arizona that I can contact that can help her. I believe the owner of the feed store said he would let her go free to a good home. a customer left a little of pups to be sold and never returned.