Thursday, July 26, 2007

Alliance of Deaf Ferret and Hearing Cat!

Half way through, you'll find the deaf ferret noticing the camera and stares directly at it for a while before resuming his activity with the cat. Being visual attuned, it doesn't surprise me how he acts. I find my deaf dogs and others' deaf animals to be detail oriented with their own sight. Also, touching is very important for them, the animal-deafies.

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P.S. On a side note, please spay and/or neuter your pets to help control overpopulation and encourage others to adopt from the shelters.


  1. Awwwww!!!!! They're SOOOOOO cute!!

  2. awwww IT was so Cuteeeeee Can I have One Pls ? LOL HEHE so I have Lots of Cat and One Dog :-)

    See you around