Saturday, July 7, 2007

Deaf Border Collie Mix in Los Angeles Desperately Needs a Home


You could say that I am late deafened. You will understand when you read the story below.

When I came to this shelter my poor ears had such a bad infection that it made me deaf! I was in constant pain, just drinking water made my whole head hurt and eating was really tough. BUT! The good doctor here fixed me up and now I am a tail wagg'n woofer! I am about 8 years old not too big, around 35 lbs and would be a very gentle low maintenance buddy for a quiet home. Can't you picture me keeping you company? I don't ask for much but I'll give you lots in return!

Please see if you know the perfect home for me somewhere relatively close to Los Angeles.

I have been in boarding a long time. I am healthy and fine and sweet. It has been a long struggle for me but I have had some angels along the way.

I am listed at the Amanda Foundation - See on lefthand side where it says DOGS and go to my bio. Call me... 310.278.2935

Sophie in Los Angeles

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