Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Destruction of Blinds for Visual Access!

This goes to show deaf animals are no different than deaf humans when it comes to demanding visual access. Unlike deaf animals, hearing dogs have the option of listening to the commotion that goes on outside of the home. This deaf dog, Tequila, owns Jennifer, who is from Indiana. After replacing several blinds, Jennifer has learned to roll up the blinds, so Tequila can enjoy the commotion outside. A few other people have said their deaf dog have ruined their blinds as well. Not mine yet as my dogs usually paw on me to let me know to pull up the blinds.

Here's one of Raychelle's deaf cat, Ava peeking out her own makeshift hole :)


  1. LoL i should include a picture of several of my blinds that my deaf cat Ava destroyed!!!! I changed them to a drape. Now Ava just pulls it back and goes in front of the drape to look outside :)


  2. My cats are well-behaved! No damaged on window screens, etc. Whew!

  3. I'd be curious to see which blinds has the worst damage -- cats or dogs ;-)

    That's what Murray does with the see through curtains when he gets on the bay window for a close up view.

    Sometimes, Marley and Murray would sit high by the stairs with the view of the bay window.

  4. My dogs are CODAs and they damage practically every blinds in the house :)

  5. I would smack that dog on the rear so it wouldnt do it again. No dog will tear up my blinds just because he or she wants to see whats going on outside.

  6. My deaf cat, Beethoven, loves looking outside as well. I live in an apartment so he has me keep the living room blinds pulled up with curtains covering them. This way he can have a little hidey hole/access to the outside world as he cannot go outside because of other animals at the complex.