Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Deaf/Blind Aussie X in KY Needs Rescue NOW!

Possum is a 4 yr old, neutered, aussie/collie X. He loves being with people and playing ball by himself. Is housebroken. He does this odd thing when anything comes in or around him, he'll spin really fast and whine/bark. He can sit when it's feeding time and he does get along with other dogs. He's high energy only because he's blind and deaf.

More info: Owner will demand euthansia if rescue can't be found ASAP! He already brought the dog in for euthansia once, shelter staff begged for more time. Hurry! Contact Deana ASAP at deana.wehr@insightbb.com. Very rescue-friendly shelter. Transport is available to the Northeast!

Approximate weight: 30 lbs
Housebroken? YES
Recommended Age of Children: 6 + yrs only because he is deaf and blind, has a 4 mo old child in the family now
Good w/ other dogs? Yes
Good with cats: Unknown
Energy Level: Moderate

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