Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Deaf Senior Daschund Needs Rescue/Adoption

CONTACT: Leslie Johns 904-406-2364 OR jlesbob@comcast.net

This is Ruby !!! She is a sweet heart that I found wondering out in the road ! Her eyes and ears where so infected that she could hardly see and probably couldn't hear very much either ...Weaving around ..sure to get run over ...I can't imagine how she even survived long enough to be rescued !!! God was watching over her ..and me ..She has been a joy ..but ..I have too many here and need to make room for a special case ..or he will die ..Ruby is no trouble at all ..Housetrained .sweet ..listens (when she wants too ..Like most Dash's!.) Cute ..not as old as I first thought ..I am not sure if she has some arthritis or not ...she is stiff getting started ...then gets better ..It could also be swelling and painful from Lime dips ...She had sarcoptic mange too ...but that's almost gone ...still needs her toenails cut ..She's doing so much better ..I know she'll be a great pet for someone a little older or a family with gentle children.(She can still almost out run me when she see's the cat!) She needs some TLC and vetting ..

Call me and we can work something out on that ...Thanks, Leslie Johns

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