Friday, September 11, 2009

Deaf Kittens (sisters) Time is Running Out in GA

Star and Moon were owner turn ins. The owner said that her mom cat had kittens in her house and these two kittens were wild and wouldn't come to her! We think that they may be deaf. One has blue eyes and the other wouldn't look at us today during pictures. They are beautiful kittens we think about 5 months old. Animals at this facility are subject to euthanasia after a 5 day holding period. Owner turn-ins have no required holding period. PLEASE call the shelter at 706-857-0679 ASAP if you are interested in adoption or rescue.

464 Red Oak Road
Summerville, GA 30747
Phone: 706-857-0679
Fax: 706-857-0676


  1. They are safe!!! We just rescued them!!! they are now at ours friend rescue facility and will be transport to me in Miami on Sunday

  2. Is this true? Are they Safe? This is all over Twitter and folks are worried. Can you Tweet their safety? or let me know so I can say.


  3. They are still on Petfinder. Please, deaf animals make great pets. I am deaf.

  4. Yes is True!!! Star and Moon are safe! They are going to the vet to get the tested and vaccines and they are coming my way on Sunday! I just hear from Dale from Fancy Feline Rescue that They have both let her hold and cuddle with them a bit! Also one has odd-eyes and is a Female and the other has both eyes blue and is a male! I know they will love to be part of my family!
    Thanks All