Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Deaf Border Collie Needs Help in KS

Rogue (a.k.a. Cricket)

She is a pure breed Border Collie. She was born in May 2008 and is completely deaf.

She knows several hand signals, including come, sit, down and stay. She's highly trainable. When she came to us, she did not understanding pointing and now will follow your finger's direction.

She needs lots of affection, positive reinforcement and exercise. She loves to play fetch, especially with her Jolly Ball. She doesn't come to humans asking for affection but is relaxes and enjoys it when given. Rogue didn't used to wag her tail when we approached her but now wags her tail. Slow to trust, after she's comfortable with you, she will come sit next to you and cuddle, which makes working with her very rewarding.

An ideal home for her would not include other pets. She doesn't get along with other dogs, male or female. She's playful at first but overcompensates with aggression to a slight challenge. A fenced in backyard would allow her to run, though she is good on a tether, too. An ideal owner would be familiar with the breed and have an active life style. She's a great walking partner, especially since other barking dogs in the neighborhood don't bother her. She also travels well; she was very well behaved at a horse show surrounded by lots of people and horses.

Typical of deaf Border Collies, she herds shadows into corners and snaps at invisible flies. She does this when she retreats into her own world. Exercise, affection and interaction brings her out of it. As she gets to know you and trust you, she will do this less.

She's house broken and kennel trained. She loves food and lots of water. She very motivated by food and has a diverse palate. She even loves apples.

Despite her hearing challenges and sometimes withdrawn behavior, she will become affectionate when routine, security and trust are established. She is a very rewarding dog to be with.

We are saddened not to be able to keep her. During a scuffle between our Border Collie and her, as I was separating them, my arm was in between her and our dog and bit me. Due to circumstances which include my pregnancy, we regrettedly cannot care for her.

As standard policy of the shelter we foster for, she's was in a mandated 10 day rabies observation, which ends this week. The shelter cannot provide a dog free home for her. Without a place to go, she may more than likely be terminated this week.

Please help us find a safe and caring home for her. If you have any questions, please contact us. Patrick at 816-516-6630 or Mindy at 816-678-3414. Email: pbequestrian@hotmail.com

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  1. Just to let anyone reading this know, we adopted Rogue (now Chula), and she is loved and well cared-for! :-)
    Please don't let deafness scare you away from adopting a dog. It is really not a big deal.