Sunday, September 20, 2009

Deaf Dalmatian Mix in Asheville, NC

Rescue promised then backed out!!!!!

"Bones" is a 11 month old 50 pound totally deaf Dalmatian mix who desperately needs her forever family. Her owner was going to leave her at the local kill shelter, so I took her in, hoping to find a place for her. She is crate trained, housebroken, fully vetted, microchipped, and in very short term foster. They will euthanize her in three days if she has to go to the shelter. Bones was named after the television show but her name can easily be changed since she can't hear it anyway, lol. She is playful and energetic and gets along with EVERYONE, including cats, kids, and other dogs. Please help me find an appropriate home for Bones with a fenced yard or a rescue willing to help. No rescue or adoption fee but references will be checked. Email me at or phone 828-837-0521. Please, please help this poor dog. She doesn't deserve to be left behind.

Thanks so much, Terry.

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