Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blind and Deaf Aussie in GA

Last week, Dekalb County Animal Control rescued (literally) a very special needs dog who had been abandoned in the back yard of a house in Dekalb County when his "owners" moved away. Unfortunately, animals being abandoned like this is not that uncommon. However, what makes this situation especially troubling is the fact that this dog is completely blind AND deaf. He is an Australian shepherd mix and his handicap is most likely the result irresponsible breeding techniques. It is not that his eyes have a defect; rather, he was actually born with no eyes. He also has many albino characteristics, again probably the result of breeding.

The staff and volunteers at the shelter are just shocked that anyone would simply abandon an animal like this and leave him to fend for himself, so badly handicapped and completely defenseless. And yet, with all of this going against him ... he is a very sweet and loving dog. He has a wonderful attitude and a big smile. He walks very well on a leash and relies on his sense of smell and the guiding touch of people to help him get around. He also seems to get along well with other dogs and he has been seen leaning on other dogs and following them around, sort of using them as his "guide dogs" and the other dogs seem very willing to help him out. He has no trouble finding food and water in his bowls and he will take treats right out of your hand.

Obviously, he has very special needs. And the number one thing he needs is a permanent home and a family who will love him and help him lead the best life that he can. This poor dog has so much going against him in life and he has already been abandoned once. We do not want to see him mistreated ever again.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in giving him a permanent home, please contact Jamie Martinez, our Adoption Coordinator at Dekalb Animal Control. Jamie can be reached at 404-294-2165 or 678-654-6988. Her email address is jsmartinez@co.dekalb, You are also welcome to go by the Dekalb Animal Control shelter anytime during their regular business hours (M-F 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm, closed on Sundays and holidays) and see him or even take him out for a walk on a leash. It would certainly make his day.

I hope that someone can help him out. He deserves it. Thanks.


  1. This makes me so sad that people not only abandon this kind of dog but also people don't want to adopt this kind of dog. They go for puppies, the cutest, less disability, perfect and all.

    Because of this, I have vowed myself that as soon as I can have at least 4-5 dogs, deaf/blind aussie, deaf pit bull and others unlikely to be adopted or in kill shelter will be on my list. All will be older.

  2. what kind of evil morons were his owners!!!!! There will be a special place for them in hell!

  3. I wish I could but I already have a special needs dog and it just wouldnt be fair but If I could have just 2 seconds with this piece of crap who did this Huh they would be so sorry Like the crying Michael Vick Please God

  4. this one got adopted by aussie rescuer!!

  5. I am so happy that this guy got a home but these breeders have to be stopped from breeding merle to merle and then culling them , to sell the " good " ones and abandon or kill the ones who are born blind and deaf. I have a blind Aussie who I adopted as a baby and is now ten years old. He also has epilepsy . I was told that he was blind and deaf when I got him , but after I got him home and settled I realized that he could hear . Like a willful Aussie he just hadn't been listening. He runs and plays and swims and does everything as if he had sight . No one should be afraid to adopt a blind or deaf or blind and deaf pup. They are as wonderful and bring as much joy as any.

  6. I agree with you, Joan.

    The more people buy, breeders of any kind will continue pumping babies after babies for $$ to hit a jackpot for the most beautiful while millions in shelters (purebred and mixed) are euthanized yearly.

    Every breed specific and mixed rescues are full to capacity that many others are left behind in shelters because people won't look to any of them to adopt.

    If humans think they're intelligent, are they if they can't even solve this problem or be part of the solution with the pet overpopulation in America?