Saturday, August 22, 2009

Deaf Aussie Pup in GA Needs Help!

Blue is between 6-8 months old. He has had a sad life so far, relegated to a yard and doghouse alone. He is deaf and of course not neutered, never put on heartworm or flea prevention, etc.

After 3 months of asking we have finally gotten his owner to give him to us [a friend of mine has him now] but is not a position to keep him long. She has a dog aggressive dog I placed with her and we need to move Blue as soon as possible. I have given him his first booster shots and wormed him as well as put Advantix on him. My girlfriend is keeping him safe but he must still stay outside. She is crating him while she is at work in her laundry room and he has been perfect.

PLEASE if any of you can help me and take this boy let me know! We are desperate to move him since its been a struggle for her as a single mom with a 2 year old to manage these two dogs. I am doing everything I can to avoid bringing him to the shelter.

Blue is currently being housed in Jackson Georgia and she will deliver him to anyone in or around the metro ATL area. Just to be very clear, I am posting to my rescue people but am not in a position to take this dog anywhere out of my immediate area. If anyone out of state can save him you must make all your own arrangements, we will drop him off at the vet of your choice in prep for transport but I cannot do more than that. Thank you for your understanding and all your support!

Betsy Merchant

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