Friday, August 28, 2009

Deaf Lab/Dal Mix in GA

ARAMIS – Dalmation X Lab

-DEAF! Knows sign language!
-Male, 2 yrs old; Neutered and current on his shots.


-Loves to play. Has a very funny flashlight game that he plays that is sure to have you laughing.

-Makes great eye contact!

-Good with other dogs.

-Great with kids – people in general.

-Very well-behaved.

Aramis was rescued from an abusive situation. He is a very sweet boy! He is deaf. His rescuer has been trying to find him a home – and thought he had but it fell through at the last minute! The problem now is that his rescuer leaves for Cuba for a year – at the end of this month! And Aramis has NO PLACE TO GO BUT THE SHELTER!

Please contact for contact info.


  1. If i was living in States I would have him instantly!! Hope he finds somewhere with lots of love.
    Bless him.

  2. It would be great if you could have this dog. I forsee the day when every deaf household has at least one deaf dog and one deaf cat in this country along with some hearing household having them :)Then it'll be unheard of that a deaf animal is put down or not wanted.

    Thanks for being eager to adopt and look around for one in your country! From what I'm told, Aramis will be safe.

  3. What, where and who can I contact to? I would love to adopt this dog!