Sunday, August 2, 2009

Abused and Neglected Deaf Pit Bull

UPDATE: Check this site for more pictures of Nico since he was pulled from the depressing place --

This truly, truly broke my heart and it is what is happening to many, many animals everywhere. The body language and look on this deaf pit bull communicate a lot to us what he is going through. We need to give equal attention and money to animals who are abused and neglected by humans. It makes it so easy to lose faith in humanity but I can't because I know there are good people out there who are nothing like these low life scumbags.

If you want to support, go to:


  1. thats so cruel how is it right to do this to a pit bull its not his falt that he cant hear and yes i dont really like pits that much but i will never do this to one i got my lip ripped off by one but i dont blame her and i would not tolerate anyone who would hurt any animal like this

  2. this made me cry