Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Deaf Pit Bull Will Die Without Help in CA

$175.00 has been raised for the rescue who takes this pit bull. Contact Lisa if you can help this deaf white pit, who is in Shafter, California at: info@angeldogsfoundation.org

There is a deaf pit girl at Shafter. She was spayed/microchipped/vetted at our mobile clinic in July in Bakersfield and got out of her owner's home somehow.

We called the owner for two days in two languages, and she did not call us back. I gave the info to the shelter staff, and they were able to reach the owner. She did get our messages, but did not return the calls or the emails.

This woman knows that her dog is going to die. She was told by the shelter manager. The dog has been there since 8/11, and is on the euth list today – they are giving me two more days to see if we can network her around. She surrendered the dog today, as she doesn’t have the money to pay to get her out. It’s not that much, so she obviously doesn’t care about the dog.

Do you have room? Do you know of anyone who might take her? I am hoping to get this dog out of the shelter on all fours and into a rescue that will find her a good owner that cares about her the second time around.

Here is her petfinder link from the Shafter shelter:


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Lisa Tipton

AngelDogs Foundation


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