Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Deaf, Blind & Epileptic ACD in PA Needs Help!

Contact is:
Can anyone help this dog at all!!! they said they have tried every rescue they can and there is no one!! I hate to think of this dog in a pound. He is In Erie, PA but I will transport anywhere as far as Buffalo, Rochester or can meet with him HELP!

This is the ad... I spoke to this person and they have not been able to find anyone to help.

I have a 5 yr old male Blind, Deaf and Epileptic Aussie Cattle Dog that I need to rehome ASAP. I'm living out of a hotel and I don't think its fair for him plus he's becoming a liability. I'm starting to work full time and I'm not gonna always be home to take care of him like before.

Can anyone help me out?? I don't want to take him to the pound. I'm avoiding that as much as possible cause I know what they'll do there.. so please someone help him! If I cant place him soon I'm gonna be forced to take him to the pound. He's well behaved, he gets along with all other dogs, cats, other animals and he loves kids of ALL ages. Hes semi housetrained (if you keep up with him) and 100% paper trained. He is on meds for his epilepsy.

I'm from MD but I'll be in Town from Tues 18th to Mon 24th. If you would like him please, let me know asap! He is Free... I just want to have him go to a wonderful home! I'm almost out and can't afford anymore meds. Please don't let me waste this perfectly good well behaved dog.

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