Friday, October 19, 2007

Where is Deaf Community for Many Peter Pans??

Peter Pan has been waiting forever to be adopted and now I couldn't get anyone to answer me what happened to him. I pray he was not quietly euthanized. I am still waiting to hear back.

Dead or alive, I find this disturbing where it says that adopters are passing him by because he is deaf. This brings me to this question. Where is the Deaf community to do their part to help deaf animals in need, be it dogs, cats, etc? I like to believe that there has to be some people in the Deaf community who are able to do this or are there really none? Only few have done their part. Those few can't be expected to do everything for all of the states where deaf animals are in.

Many of members in the Deaf community wouldn't allow to be treated like this because they are deaf or hard of hearing, but why are not many in our own community extending our hands to adopt, foster or rescue to buy time for a deaf animal in need? These animals can't take a stand like we could for ourselves. How do you expect the hearing world to listen to us about various issues if we turn our own back on deaf animals -- our very own? This is our opportunity to educate and show the hearing world about deaf animals by having them. Many of them in the hearing world do the adopting, fostering and rescuing of mostly hearing animals in need. I am almost certain they would appreciate the help and involvement of the Deaf community for deaf animals in need as the number pales in comparison to hearing animals in need.

Here is what is being said in the homepage:

Adopters are passing Peter Pan by because he is deaf. But deaf dogs make great companions with just a few minor modifications to their training and your interaction with them! If you are an experienced dog owner willing to work with a deaf dog, won’t you give this special guy a chance?

Peter Pan is a two-year-old male Australian Shepherd. Check out all of his good qualities:

* Kennel trained
* Learning hand signals for “sit,” “wait” and other commands with volunteers
* Smart, attentive and wants to please
* A fast learner
* Sweet and loving
* Happy and friendly
* Likes to give and receive affection

You can learn more about living with a deaf dog at

Come meet Peter Pan at the Sacramento SPCA!
6201 Florin-Perkins Road • (916) 383-7387 •


  1. please dont throw blame on us deafies. bet most lives in apt because we dont have jobs or high pay jobs. you know most apts do not allow dogs. some cant take it for other various reasons. thank you.

  2. I can only think of two reasons why some would not adopt- it is not because of the dog beingd deaf or hearing, four or three-legged- it is:
    LOCATION. one may be interested but living in NY and seeing that the dog is in scarmento, CA... you get the idea.
    AVAILABILITY. Some have families, already have dogs up to city or county limit, or absolutely not able to take in. I use myself as an example- I'd LOVE to take in a dog but I can't. I live in an university dorm and dorms do not allow dogs at all but for service dogs. See the problem there?

  3. But, ahem, I just adopted the deaf dog a few weeks ago, and I love her! So adorable! I got tips from this blog. For this dog, it depends where he is. This dog is so cute, and I m sure he is worth to keep! Anyway, I got this dog two hours half way from the former owner. (met half way). It was more convience for me and hubby. So, I was the Peter Pan, right?

  4. Ha, I meant for my dog to be the Peter Pan..

  5. I want that dog.

    Der Sankt

  6. Sigh ..... Peter Pan is soo handsome.

  7. Anonymous and Wolfers:

    Those of you who really can't because of the reasons you stated are understandable. I believe there are also people out there who can. Most apartments will allow cats though.

    As for the location, when there's a will, there is a way. Just contact me about transportation and I'll see what I can do. Many rescue animals are transported from one place to another daily. This shouldn't be an issue, really. One of the deaf animals on this blog is being transported from GA to MN to get to a deaf home. Hope this helps.

    Anonymous: Welcome to the club, adopting a deaf dog! You could say your dog is one of many Peter Pans! :) Send email to DeafAnimalRow your story and pictures of your deaf dog.

    Ben Vess:

    I am still waiting on confirmation. Please email me if you are interested and I'll keep you posted.


    All animals are beautiful!