Thursday, October 18, 2007

Home Urgently Needed for Scarlett in FL


Scarlett, Jack Russell Terrier

Female born 3/3/06 -- she has been spayed (we have her medical records and the info)
My ex daughter in law got her as a birthday present for my son -- they just divorced prompting their move to a small apartment. (no room and not able to have pets)

Reminder-- she is hearing impaired --- but highly intelligent. Housebroken.... very good with children--- but not small ones as she plays with my two grandchildren 13 and 8 and they play rough with her...She is a typical terrier.. but very sweet. She sleeps with my son... is used to being kenneled during the day. Is taken on walks daily... She has never bitten or growled at anyone-- will bark when strangers come to door. She is very healthy--- barks for attention. She responds to you.. loves to pay ball-- sit in your lap and want attention, familiar with a few hand signals.. This puppy dog is so very loved.. and it is breaking the heart of my son and grandchildren to not be able to keep her. Financially and because of their having to move-- we must find a good home for her.. NO ONE we have talked to has passed the test to adopt her. We are so worried that she will be mistreated or put to sleep so we are coming to you for help.

We wish you would just meet her... we will be willing to let anyone come see her-- meet someone or whatever it takes to find her a good home. Time is so critical. We have no one to take her and my son must be out of this home in the next few days.

Paula Lowhorn --cell-- 813-390-4651 and Randy Boone- Owner= cell-- 813-340-0746

Contact Paula at or MaryLu Kinlaw at 941-704-4765

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