Monday, October 15, 2007

Ash's Journey to a New Deaf Friendly Household

The one and only Ash: Look at my new collar and tag!

Originally, Charles and I planned to fly to Virginia for a friend's wedding and then rent a car to drive to Philadelphia to pick up the deaf cat, Ash, who was in need of a home, before hitting the road to home in Colorado. It all changed when Charles unexpectedly got a job offer. We had to cancel the attendance to a friend's wedding in order to fly in Philadelphia and rent a car to bring Ash back home with us before Charles's first day of work.

Katherine, from DeafAnimalRow brought Ash to this Petsmart where we met so we can shop a few things for her. Prior to that, we have been communicating on videophone and pager to get all of this worked out for September 19th.

Ash with Charles and me at Petsmart...

We went on a journey for a several days with stops to the motel. Here's a few pictures before arriving Colorado.

Ash is asleep soundly in a vibrating car.

Sleepy Ash looks at you with eyes shut and wishes not to be disturbed!

Ash hides on the bottom of the car to get uninterrupted sleep.

Ash rests comfortably in Charles arms.

Curious and receptive Ash in my arms.

Ash thought she caught something!

Ash is trying to get some beauty sleep on a motel bed!

Our children were escastic and can't wait to meet her and introduce her to our cat, Reese. We have been communicating with them via pager while on the road. It was a long trip and Ash did very well in the car -- a natural traveller! We took Ash to our lovely home in Lakewood, Colorado to join the entire Mayhew family. Ash is so happy and playful with a lot of new toys. We are so grateful to have Ash and provide her with all she needs for the rest of her life. My kids are so happy and excited to have Ash in their life along with other cat named is Reeses.

At last, Ash with our children, Rebecca, Elizabeth and Charles Jr.

Ash with her feline companion, Reese, who do not look happy about sharing the cat tree!

This is the bed Ash mostly sleeps on that belongs to her deaf mommy and daddy. Sweet home sweet!

Ash wants to say this Friday is her birthday and she'll be 2. The Mayhews have given me the best present -- spending their $$ on flight and car rental all because of me.

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  1. What a nice story! I am glad to know that Ash has a loving home for the rest of her life. You are all lucky to have found each other.