Friday, October 26, 2007

Deaf Animal Transportation from MA to DC

Hi everyone!

The Metrowest Animal Society has asked DeafAnimalRow if they could post it here to see if there is anyone to volunteer and help with transportation. Two deaf brother cats, Harpo and Zeppo, have found a wonderful home in DC close to Gallaudet, and yes together! We are in search of anyone who plans to drive from Massachusetts to one of these cities, NYC or Philadelphia or DC. Now, if the person will go to NYC from Massachusetts, then I need to know if there's someone from NYC who is able to transport the cats to Philadelphia or straight to DC. This is all voluntary and is how it works with rescues. Please contact Thank you.

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  1. We at DeafAnimalRow want to let everyone know that this individual has offered to drive to MA and then come back to PA for a rest before he and his wife bring the cats to DC. We as well as the Metrowest Animal Society and the new adopter are grateful by their kindness. Do not want to announce their names without their permission.