Saturday, October 6, 2007

Deaf Networking: Important Cultural Value

This is one example of how a member of the Deaf community has used his network to reach out to someone else to help increase visibility for deaf animals. Networking in our Deaf community is a cultural value that has been honored among ourselves for decades. The hearing world rescues often have their hands full and we owe it to them for the lives they have saved, which some are deaf. Deaf Animal Row hopes for one day when all deaf people step up to the plate and offer to rescue a deaf animal and educate the public about deaf animals that we have in our custody. There is hope for the Deaf community to enhance the lives of deaf animals by doing their part.

DeafAnimalRow would like to thank Ron Popowski for sharing with his co-worker and friend, Stephanie Egger, who happens to be a rep for the state of Pennsylania for Best Friends Animal Society as well as Stephanie for keeping an open minded and be receptive. Stephanie has posted a story about deaf animals with our link on their website.

First of all, to get a better idea of what Best Friends Animal Society is about. Here is what Stephanie has to share:

"Best Friends Animal Society headquarters and Sanctuary is located in Utah. However, each state has their own network community under the direction of a State team leader and county representatives (all volunteer). I personally handle Bucks and Montgomery Counties for the Pennsylvania Network Community. We do most of our coordination on-line within the State and with the Utah office. We do get to meet up for events, or during phone meetings."

Stephanie emailed and what struck me about what she said is, "I am involved with many animal projects but had not thought about the number of animals euthanized because they are deaf. I am a county rep for Best Friends Animal Society. I would like to post a newsstory about Deaf Animal Row. If you have any specific events, special adoptions or a press release you would like reposted please let me know. I'll be happy to help in any way I can."

I responded to her email,


There are currently 3 deaf dogs on deathrow from my blog. One in VA, one in GA and one in CA. They could be euthanized anytime and they're sweet dogs. Can you share with each state about them through Best Friends Animal Society and have them spread word?

Right now, I'm worried sick about them and once they are saved, I'll talk with you more about networking with Best Friends Animal Society and how we can work together about Deaf Animal Row and to improve the chance for deaf animals."

The next thing I know, I received her email late last night:

"Just wanted to let you know that we posted a story today on the Best Friends PA network about Deaf Animal Row. My team leader has contacted the VA and CA teams to see if they will post as well. She even contacted the headquarters to request this article be posted on the homepage! I hope this really helps your site and the deaf pets too!"

None of this would have been possible without Ron and big thanks to Stephanie for her willingness to bring visibility to deaf animals. A round of *UPplause to them! Deaf Animal Row hopes to have deaf and hearing members of the Deaf community do their rescue in each state for deaf animals and act as a rep under the branch of Deaf Animal Row in the future when it expands and is run by deaf people.

*A deaf version of applause. Wave their hands above their heads.

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