Thursday, October 11, 2007

Deaf and Old in Kentucky


Is there someone out there in Kentucky deaf community who can help? Maybe KCDHH can adopt him as a mascot? Or even a Deaf Senior Home can adopt him :)

He appears to be a Cocker Spaniel/Beagle/Bassett mix. When I was walking the row of kennels I spotted that his kennel tag read "Senior Dog". Intrigued, I bent down to get a better look at him. He was on the other side of the kennel wall where I couldn't see him and he obviously couldn't see me. I made several noises to try to get his attention. After several attempts I stood up and was about to walk away when he must have spotted me. When he came around where I could see him, my heart melted. Looking into those pathetic eyes I became overwhelmed with sadness that he would be in this place.

When we got him out of this kennel two things were very apparent, first this old man is deaf. Secondly, he is probably in excruciating pain due to severe yeast infections in both ears. The pungent smell of this fungus was the first thing I noticed when I was inches away from his head. When I lifted his thick, heavy ears all I could say, is "You poor, poor boy." The staff informed me that he will only eat soft food, that he won't touch dry food. I believe part of that might be because his ears hurt so badly. I recall when I had a severe ear infection several years ago the pain was so intense that I couldn't stand to chew. There's no telling how long his ears have gone untreated and more than likely that's what has caused his deafness.

He's been neutered and could stand to lose a little bit of weight. It also appears that he has some cataracts in his eyes. If only he could tell us his story of how
he ended up in this county operated dog pound...

Sadly, he has no name. He was found as a stray and no one has came forward to claim him.

He's impound #6.

We estimate he's at least 9 years old.

His adoption fee is $65.

This shelter is rescue friendly and does not charge a pull fee for reputable rescue organizatons. Please keep in mind that the receiving rescue MUST make all transport arrangements.

This is county operated shelter. Though they try very hard to place all their animals in rescue or through adoption, they do have to euthanize. It's the sad reality of county operated dog pounds. Too many animals, not enough responsible pet owners. So...our old man is sitting on a cold concrete floor at this very moment waiting for someone to save him before it's too late..........please, if you can't help forward this on to others.

If you can help this old man, please contact the shelter ASAP at 502-633-0009.

Sabrina S.
Animal Rescue Volunteer

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