Monday, October 15, 2007

An Old Life as a Deaf Herder on Farm

Blue, a deaf dog in VA who was on the deathrow. Someone asked me if I could go down to Virginia to get Blue and foster him for a month before he is transported to out of state.

I asked the volunteer there if she could arrange to bring Blue closer as Amelia, VA, is about a little over 5 hours away, she obliged. She had someone bring Blue to this lady, Cindy, who runs a Beagle Rescue. She had about 10-15 beagles in crates in her van to head to Manassas Petco for adoption day. She has a room to transport Blue in it. It is where I met her and Blue. Blue enjoyed being in beagles's surrounding and it could be a result of his herding instinct! These people who work with the beagles at Petco were wonderful and good to Blue.

He's an Australian Cattle Dog (also known as a heeler. I learned that he used to live on the farm until now and was surrendered after owner got rid of his goats. This upsets me about some people, objectifying animals and disposing of them whenever they feel like. Blue knows no commands or anything except his skills in herding and being lovey-dovey, lickety-lick and touchy-feely!!! I am not worried about him learning visual commands as older deaf dogs in the past have achieved. A very intelligent dog and in fact, heeler is in the top 10 for most intelligent dogs.

Blue wasn't a good match for a city life where I am! He has been trying to herd people and dogs he see around him. My dogs, being terriers, do not appreciate being herded :) While asleep, he herded me until I got up and let him go out for potty or to get some affection or attention from me! His herding makes it hard to ignore him. Otherwise he sleeps nearby me. When I leave him unattended, he barks, thinking I'm a sheep who must be in his sight all the times!!! So, arrangement was made to bring him to another temporary foster home in the mountains, after a several days with me, to a family who does Akita Rescue. I took my dogs and Blue on a road trip for 2 hours each way. Yes, each one of them was in their own seatbelt harness with windows down -- All fresh air going through their nostrils and out of their mouth or vice versa! :)

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