Friday, March 5, 2010

Louisville, KY: Deaf Cats Stay Together



Both siblings are playful, shy with strangers, and love to be rubbed and loved on once they get to know you. Their mother was a feral cat that was being fed at a nearby barn. The cat was also pregnant and when her kittens were six weeks old and weaned, she brought them in her mouth and dropped them at the door of their caregiver (Debbie), who has had them since that time. Daphne and Della need to be the only cats in a household that is accustomed to caring for deaf cats. Daphne has blue eyes, is totally deaf and a alpha cat. Della has one blue, one gold eye and she can hear on one side. Anyone interested in adopting Daphne and Della together, contact Debbie Williamson at 502-239-5956.

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  1. Della & Daphne are beautiful angelic cats. Have they found a home yet? >^^<