Saturday, March 13, 2010

NY, NY: Pit Bull Pup Needs a Home

This little girl is an owner surrender at the Manhattan shelter (Animal care and Control

I don't have any room or funds for her, but I can pull her out through Red Hook Dog Rescue if someone else can take her. She probably can be adopted directly from the shelter too. Here are the numbers for the New Hope people at the Shelter. If you are interested and get through, tell them to contact me. Sometimes folks at this shelter can be difficult and I am not supposed to give out these numbers but so what. It is also possible that a local group will snap her up she is very cute.

Harriet and the big gang in Brooklyn
Write me if I can help

*Deaf *
IVORY – A850726 – 8 month old female pittie – 45lbs – OS, 3/11 – NYCHA BAN
NYCHA means New York City Housing ban


  1. She's absolutely beautiful and angelic looking. How could her owner dump her there? Does she like other dogs?

  2. Hi:

    Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs like any other breeds and even mutts!

    About owner dumping pets at shelters, it is very sad and I simply don't understand at all.

    I would suggest you to email the contact person for more information about whether or not she like other dogs.