Friday, March 19, 2010

Los Angeles, CA: Samoyd Mix in High Kill Shelter

This poor girl is at this kill shelter for the second time now. She was adopted once and brought back, and now we have learned she is deaf. She looks so sweet and friendly. Can you help us find her a rescue or appropriate adopter?

If you are interested in rescuing this dog, we recommend you CONTACT THE SHELTER IMMEDIATELY TO INQUIRE about it and confirm availability – it is very important that you ASK THE SHELTER TO PUT YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER ON THE DOG’S RECORD. This can buy a dog that is in immediate danger of euthanasia some additional time. H.A.L.T. has no additional information about the dog or its status at the shelter, and the dog’s situation can change quickly.

If you cannot take the dog into your rescue program, PLEASE FORWARD THIS INFORMATION to any other rescues or individuals that may be able to help. If you have a Facebook page, web site, Yahoo group, or another way to promote to potential adopters or fosters, we would appreciate your help. If you rescue this dog, please let us know when it is safe.

Thanks for the great work you do to save these precious friends.


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