Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ashtabula, OH: Deaf, Senior, Black Lab Needs Rescue

**Crossposting is appreciated!**

Poor Nanan has 3 strikes against her...she's Black, she's a Senior (10+ yrs old) and she's Deaf. :( She has been sitting in the shelter since June !! She is a very sweet dog, but needs to be in a home living out her final years in comfort, with a family who loves her !

Because she is deaf, she needs to be somewhere where her people know not to startle her or sneak up from behind- probably best that she not be around small children for this reason. If you would like to help Nanan or know of someone who might, Please have them contact me. :)

Thank you!

Tina Hayes


  1. Since June! Oh, that's far too long for a beautiful gal like Nanan to be in there. Hopefully someone comes along very soon!

    Shannon and the Gang

  2. Hi Shannon:

    Beautiful or not, every one of them deserve the same attention in finding a home or rescue. Old, big, ugly and/or disabled are the least likely compared to others. What all of them can offer that many humans are lacking: unconditional love!

  3. Hi , I live in Coshocton, OH. The dog look like she is so sweet. I know she need a home. Does she will know the human sign language to connect to the dog?? How much to buy this dog ?? Pls let me know , my email is Thanks!! Cari
    P.S. I would like to buy this dog. I want to adopt this dog.