Friday, February 26, 2010

Macomb, IL: Euthansia for Pit Bull on 3/3/10

I was just notified today the county board found out Pink has been in the shelter since September. The policy is to only hold a dog for 21 days. Pink has been red listed!! He will be put down Wednesday March 3rd if we can't find a rescue or sanctuary to take him. PLEASE get this guy out of there!! Pink is a neutered, sixteen month old, deaf pitty and is UTD on his shots. He does come with some baggage BUT is learning more and more every day. He had been chained in a backyard till his previous owners brought him in because they couldn't "control" him. A shelter volunteer has fallen in love with him and would like to give him a forever home once she finishes college. She can't have him in the dorm where she lives. She has taught Pink sign language, is working on his dog aggressive issues, and gives him as much attention and love that she is able to under the current circumstances. If it weren't for her Pink would have already been put down. Please contact me if you can help out.

Thanks so much!
Dawn Gray
Secretary, Humane Society of McDonough County
(309) 333-3573 or email leahs4me@

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  1. So the girl can adopt him in May? Can we find someone to foster him until then? or set up a ChipIn for boarding until school is out?