Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ermine, KY: Kitten Needs a Home

Fern is an adorable and sweet extra special girl. She loves to purr very loudly when she sees you and especially when you pet her. Fern is about 4 months old (as of 2-12-10) and weighs around 4 1/2 pounds. She has a medium length coat with long hair on her tail and long tufts in her ears giving her a very cute appearance. Fern is a typical kitten, curious and playful, but what makes her extra special is that she is deaf. Don't feel sorry for Fern though, she doesn't. Fern does just fine with her specialness and doesn't let it stop her from doing anything a normal kitten would do, except perhaps coming when you call her name. Oh, wait that dogs that do that. Cats mostly only come when they want to anyway so I guess she is pretty much normal. Fern seems to make up for her deafness by being more in tune with her other senses. Her eyes catch every movement, her nose is constantly going and she loves being touched. Fern was most likely born deaf so to her nothing is out of the ordinary, it’s just the way it has always been. In fact she hides it so well we weren't sure she was really deaf until we took her to the vet and they checked her. Fern has only a few special needs due to her deafness, the main one being that she must stay strictly indoors because she can't hear approaching danger. She also may need a bit of warning before touching her if she is sleeping or can't see you. This can easily be done though by stomping your feet a bit or tapping something near her. This way she can feel the vibrations and know you are there. Fern is a really great girl that hopes you will see her deafness as something that makes her special and not as something that makes her broken or not normal. So far Fern has been fine with other cats and dogs, but we are still working on introductions. She is extremely capable of being a great companion and giving you years of love. Please consider adopting this extra special sweetie today. Fern is Felv/FIV negative, current on vaccinations, on flea preventative and will be spayed and microchipped before going to her new home. Fern is located in Whitesburg, KY. It is in southeastern KY only about 15 minutes from the Virginia border.

If you are interested in adopting Fern please visit and fill out our cat application form. In order to adopt we do require adoption application, vet reference, home visit and adoption fee. You may also contact us at steph @ or call 606-633-0050 for more information about Fern.


  1. How Do i get her ? but I live in Pineville, La.
    This is Patti Brown. I am looking for so near here so I can come pick up Let me to know.

  2. Please take the time to read the whole blog page. Contact info is on it if you have questions. What you can do is ask her if out of state adoption would be considered. It varies from rescue to rescue.

    It is common where transportation of animals to a new home is arranged. It is my belief that local adoption should be given consideration first if there is someone fit/qualified otherwise.