Saturday, February 6, 2010

St. Louis, MO: Deaf Dog in Need of Foster or Adopter

Contact person: Theresa Coker at tcoker @

The rescue group I volunteer for (Dr. Doug's Vet-Pet Rescue, has inherited a young, deaf, mixed breed dog and we're looking for help for him.

The story I've heard goes that the dog was pulled from JCAC as a puppy by a group called PAWS. Last year, the cat fosters from PAWS split off and joined Vet-Pet but PAWS kept rescuing dogs (and apparently cats too). In late December, early January Vet-Pet got a call from Webster Groves Emergency Clinic - someone had dropped off three kittens and a dog that they claimed they found on the side of the road. All the animals were microchipped to PAWS. I don't know what the whole story is but the three cats were 5 months old and unsocialized and the dog has never had anyone work with him either I'm sure. I don't know why PAWS didn't reclaim the dog…supposedly the rescue group has fallen apart completely but I don't know the story behind that.

Since Vet-Pet took over the accepting of any cats that were PAWS returns, we went and picked the cats up. Webster was going to take the dog back to JCAC and our coordinator got softhearted and decided we would take him on and try and find a foster/forever home for him. We haven't been able to find anyone with deaf dog experience or who is willing to learn how to communicate with him.

He's estimated to be 8 months old, somewhere along the line it was thought he was a pit mix…I don't see any pit in him personally. He's already fully vetted and weighs about 35 maybe 40lbs? Currently he is living in a small run at Clarkson-Wilson Vet Clinic in Chesterfield, MO. He only gets out for brief potty breaks and when a volunteer can take him for a walk…which is certainly not going to help his adoptability. He's a great dog, smart, easy to motivate with treats and attention. Is supposedly good with dogs and kids…cats I don't know about. He just needs someone to work with him and teach him some self control and obedience. If you know of anyone with deaf dog experience (or willingness to learn) that might be interested in fostering or adopting Cheezy (no idea why they named him that), then please call Courtney at Clarkson-Wilson Vet Clinic, 636-530-1808. We can transfer him to another rescue, adopt him out, or sign a new foster up with our group.

Please feel free to cross-post and let me know if I can help with transportation or anything like that.


Theresa Coker

Foster Home Volunteer

Dr. Doug's Vet-Pet Rescue

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