Monday, February 15, 2010

Portsmouth, OH: Help Needed for Senior Deaf/Blind

This is a female beagle or beagle mix, she is a reddish brown and white in color, she is short hair and a medium size , this girl is probably deaf and maybe blind and is extremely underweight, her health is not good and she needs some help and a forever home to spend her last day, she is very sweet.

Contact Info:
Scioto County Dog Pound
Portsmouth, OH 45662
Phone: 720-353-8802
Email: scdogpound2 @


  1. Oh it's SO unfair such an old sweetheart should spend their last days unloved in a pound. There is no justice anymore.

  2. I agree and there's no justice for any of the animals who have to go through this. For every animal that is at shelter is at the fault of a human. And to make matters worse is those who buy animals when there is always a homeless one waiting. Name it and there's one! The cycle never ends.

    This may sound harsh but there is zero tolerance for animals having to pay for human arrogance, greed and stupidity.