Friday, August 13, 2010

Waverly,TN: Am Bull/Pit Girl Needs Rescue

On my way home from work last week I noticed some people on the road side giving away puppies. I actualy had room for them, so I took the pups and offered to split the cost of the mom's spay. Now their landlord/father in law says she can't stay and must go soon or her will take her to the local animal shelter.

Please cross post far and wide!!

Contact is

Here is a note from the owner:

She is a great dog. She can be a little protective of people. She is very smart and really loving. She is house broken and leash trained. She does well in the bath and is okay with children. She knows about three sign language commands that my husband taught her.. He taught her to sit, to hug, and to shake. It is really sweet. She loves to be outside on a zip line and to sleep inside in the bathroom by the potty or a cool corner. She sometime likes to play with other dogs but can be a little over protective. She knows how to open certain things like drawers and cabinets and is very curious. She has been a good dog but she came to us about three months ago and she was sick and dirty and heavily pregnant. She had a hard time learning to ride in a car but does well now. She had one round of dewormer and is ready soon for another round. I am not sure about her shots and she needs to be fixed.

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