Monday, August 30, 2010

May DeafDoggies Lead with Your Vote!

Lottie Dot and Dora

Lottie Dot was rescued off the highway. No one wanted her when they found out she was deaf. Now she visits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, grief camps etc. She has a chapter in a book that is being promoted on the Pet Finder blog. If you look closely, you can see her picture at the bottom of the heart. Go here. Dora just got registered to become a therapy dog. She visits special needs kids in schools as a Reading Education Assistance Dog. They do Dog Safety and Fire Safety Programs and Relay for Life. The possibilities are endless. Why? Because I gave them a chance at life. They have quite a story to tell!

There is the link to vote for Lottie Dot and Dora to travel to Atlanta to share their special story. They are in second place and have over 12,800 votes! The one leading now is an AKC dog -- AKC is an organization that discriminates against deaf dogs.

Let’s put Lottie Dot and Dora in first place and get their story out there. They set a great example of what deaf dogs can accomplish. Please click on the link below, then vote “10.” We only have 2 days left to vote. You can vote hourly if able.



  1. you can read more about these special dogs on their new website...amazing!

    Last I heard, the magazine has not contacted Patricia (Lottie Dot & Dora) or Marilyn (Graham), the top two in votes. What's up with that? Why have any of us vote if they snub the top 2 awesomest dogs???

  2. Hi Everyone
    I am waiting to hear from the Atlanta Magazine but it looks like we weren't one of the 5 chosen for the interview. Dear sweet Kay...this is very disappointing and I'm not sure why the magazine didn't choose us but one thing is for sure, Lottie Dot and Dora made lots of friends during this contest and I hope they showed everyone that deaf dogs can do anything hearing dogs can (but hear). Thanks everyone for your support and especially for your votes. If I hear anything from the magazine I will let you know.
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