Sunday, August 1, 2010

SE Missouri: Great Dane Has Until Tomorrow

Contact Carol at:

Does anyone know a rescue for either deaf dogs or Great Danes? I tried placing this big boy but it was a disaster. The adopter ended up being bitten a few hours ago. I was not there, but from what the transporter said, it sounds like "Big Dog" was either being protective of the transporter (a woman) or felt threatened by the adopter (a man) reaching towards them. He is a sweet dog who never showed aggression before. The owners ( a mother and adult son) lost their home and have to be out Sunday 8/1. Big Dog has no where to go. I have no room and I am obviously not experienced with deaf dogs to make the right decisions. If I have a committment,
I will board him a week while transportation can be arranged, but I must have a definite by Monday morning or they will be taking him in to be PTS.

Sincerely, Carol


  1. Have you contacted:, or, or, or

  2. Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue in Ohio might take him in.

  3. Please update, hoping this dazzling deaf dane was rescued - what a beautiful boy!