Monday, August 9, 2010

Coconut Creek, FL: Cat Needs a Sweet Home

At Life Pubs, we have so many animals cross our pages via all the rescue groups we support. A couple of years ago, a dog that brought us to tears had been shot and hit by a car and through a story we published on this wonderful, resilient pooch's plight, fabulous people stepped up to the plate and we managed to find a loving home for him. Oh yeah, did we tell you he was now special needs, one of the bullets could not be removed.

Well, we have another story. This time it's one of the sweetest, calmest, cats we've ever met. A cat determined to survive to find one day, someone who'll love her again. Porch is a beautiful and amazing cat who is in need of a very special person and patient home. Porch is a short haired, female, black-and-white cat who is charmingly adorable. Smart too and so accepting.

She's been checked out by Animal Aid in Boca Raton and does not have feline leukemia or feline AIDS. She has not gone into heat so she's believed to be spayed or sterile and about 2 years old.

Unfortunately Porch is deaf but it doesn't seem to stop her. Originally discovered by a person who was doing a short-term rental on a house until the house was officially taken over by the bank, she was abandoned by the previous renters, turned out onto the streets deaf to fend for herself. Smart as she is, she stayed close to the only home she has ever known, crying to come in at night during the cold season. Her kind foster was very allergic to her but so moved by this sweet cat who had taken to sleeping under cars with still warm engines, but neighbors complained since she was deaf, she did not know when the cars started. When raccoons surprised her (she could not hear them coming while she slept) they almost did her in, the kind allergic lady allowed her to sleep at night in the enclosed porch (hence her name) to keep her safe and started to feed her and give her water. She just has a very hard time fending for herself outside because she can't hear danger approaching.

Porch's foster had to leave the house, too so now she's being fostered at ... you guessed it, the Life Publications' office in Coconut Creek until a permanent loving home can be found. Porch is a very loving, calm, gentle animal who loves to be in a lap and be petted. She can be the best companion to someone who just wants some excellent company. But she's no total couch potato, she occasionally gets frisky and plays with her favorite toy so adorably, your heart melts. But mostly she's happy to lie around, take some cat naps and just know that someone actually cares about her. In her first day at LIFE Pubs, everyone fell in love. (Those who weren't allergic!) She's said to have some balance issues, but we saw no evidence of anything, she jumped up on publisher Mindi Rudan's desk, sat on a chair and just generally took in her new surroundings. A calmer, sweeter, more gentle, more appreciative pet, you'd be hard-pressed to find. And if we did not tell you she was deaf, you'd probably not realize it because she seems to have a little ESP to compensate, she seems to know when you want her and comes. And when you open her food, she's Johnny on the spot. If you're a patient and caring animal lover, please consider giving Porch the safe and loving home she so deserves.

Please contact the Life Publications' office (located at 4611 Johnson Rd. Suite 3, Coconut Creek) at 954.421.9797 / or Hank at 954.663.2853 if you'd like to come by and meet Porch. Her carrier, toys, litter box and food will be sent with her as well.

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  1. she is now in our guest room and her sweet, fun personality is starting to emerge now that she is safe. She is a gem. And she may be deaf but you'd never know it except for how soundly she now sleeps. she plays, eats and has the loudest meow when u wake her. she is perfect in every way, one of the sweetest animals we've ever had. And unless it is a special home, we'll make sure she stays well fed and safe with us. Although we have 10 other cats and a dog named KITTY!