Friday, August 20, 2010

Jacksonville, FL: PitBull Mix Dumped in Shelter

I know you don't see me post that often but that is because I stay so busy with the dogs. But I had to add to June's email on Petey. Petey was posted on Craigslist Pets in Jacksonville on Aug 18,2010. According to Petey's intake records at the shelter they gave Petey one day to find a home before they dumped him at the shelter on August 19th. They came off as caring in their ad take a look

Here's a comment from someone who went to the shelter where Petey was dumped:

"While picking up a blind poodle today from Jax AC we went to visit Petey. Sweet does not begin to describe this boy, he showered us with wet doggy kisses and he must have thought we were there to rescue him he just could not stop wagging his tail. My heart broke when I had to leave him. But we have no fosters that will take a large dog. If anyone knows anyone who will foster him in the Jax area I rescue will pull him in a heart beat."

Please cross post to help him find safety - this poor baby was in a home and was dumped at the shelter in Jax, FL. Please contact

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