Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sacramento, CA: Pit Bull Mix Pup Has Until Tomorrow!

PINKY - ID#A348291

My name is Pinky and I am a neutered male. The shelter thinks I am about 7 months old. I have been at Sacramento City Shelter since July 17th. Contact Kathy Moreland, Rescue/Foster Coordinator Phone: 916-808-4735; Fax: 916-808-5386; Cell: 916-709-7991; Email:


  1. Can anyone take him in as a foster for temporary or a rescue organization til a permanent home can be found for him? He is still young and can be trained to be a good dog. I hope that someone with a great heart will take him out of the shelter!

  2. He has already been rescued by Daisy Davis Pit Bull Rescue and will be fostered by two different people who'll take turns.

    Once again, people still need to step up and adopt from shelter or rescue in order for them to have room to help more animals in need.