Sunday, January 31, 2010

Deaf Pit Bull Mix in TN Seeks Help!

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We at East TN Pit Bull Rescue need help for Bella. Months ago there was this sweet little deaf white puppy at the Loudon County shelter. There was a great cry for someone to save her. Well at the last minute when she was still there, Linda went and pulled her out. Bella was so sweet and VERY smart! But we knew pretty quickly that 1) she was going to be a big girl, 2) she needed someone that understood deaf dogs and could train her and 3) we were not that someone! We checked with a deaf dog rescue or two but really just thought that since she was so sweet and smart…someone was just waiting to take her in! Well here we are 6 months later. Bella is still with Linda and has developed a few doggie issues. Although she can be over exuberant and a little rough to hold onto – Bella loves people. The same can not be said for other dogs. She is bossy and can be jealous and aggressive. She has food aggression issues with the other dogs as well as toy issues. Bella’s foster home has way to many adult bully breeds and only one small woman to care for all of them and she has some health issues that require that she cut things back. Bella has to have a place to go that can help her thru her issues and they have to be knowledgeable in training deaf dogs. Bella is vetted, micro chipped, crate trained and trustworthy in the house. She has learned several hand commands. She is NOT safe with the cats! I know I have placed a lot of emphasis on the negative behaviors but I want THE RIGHT commitment for Bella and that can only happen if we tell all of the truth. We think Bella is a Pit/Dane or Doggo mix of some kind. I have added pictures and you can decide for yourself. At 10 months old, she is pushing 60 pounds. If the right group/individual steps up for Bella – they will be getting a fully vetted dog and we will get her to them. If you can help Bella, please contact me.

Thank you!

Wendy Jackson



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  1. We met Bella and her foster Mom at the vets office last week for a HW test and a check on ears which were infected. I have to say..."WHAT A SWEETHEART!" She responded real well to the corrections on the leash. Like a dummy - I kept trying to tlk to her! When you get her attention, she responds quickly to the sign commands. She is HW negative - fully vaccinated and micro chipped - all done if a rescue that helps deaf dogs would like to offer her some help. I really believe that her behavior issues would resolve themselves with training! We just do not know what to do for her.