Saturday, January 23, 2010

ASL Friendly Dog will Face Death in GA on 1/25/10

Bally's ID# is 7067
Labrador Retriever Mix

Please help find placement for Bally, a very special dog who knows American Sign Language. She will need extra help in getting out because she does not get along with other dogs. She needs to be out of the shelter by this coming Monday. This is URGENT!!

Bally is a wonderful 11 month old spayed Lab mix. She is a very sweet girl with a special ability...she responds to sign language. Her owner is no longer able to care for her so Bally is hoping to find her new home quickly. She's an active girl with fun and playful personality. And very bright and quite pretty. New pictures will be posted by the weekend.

For information on adoption please call the Douglas County Animal Shelter at 770-942-5961 or fax770-942-5914. All adopted dogs of appropriate age will receive a microchip. The new owners are required to get their new dogs a rabies vaccination and to have them spayed/neutered at the appropriate age.

Bally 7067 is spayed.


  1. just transfer her to texas or colorado. i'm sure someone will have her! i am deaf n it very funn to have deaf animal in this world. please have her in other state where many deaf ppl is and no control animal put her to death row

  2. Tired of finding this blog at the back of the site? Your post was found in Deafread extra. Thats the ghetto of Deafread! Come to Eye Fire Vlogs! Your post gets up front! Eye Fire Vlogs has heavy hearing traffic. Thats where the money is at! Go where the money is at and see you there!

  3. Anonymous:

    Animals, deaf or hearing, do get put down everywhere. There are too many homeless animals and not enough people (including deaf) interested to adopt them. Animals didn't do that to themselves but human arrogance and irresponsibility are what contributed to this.

    To see less or no adoptable/healthy animals being put down, five things need to happen:

    1) Spay/Neuter
    2) Volunteer for a rescue/shelter
    3) Offer to foster
    4) All people start adopting from petfinders or shelters (not buying from pet store)
    5) Breeders stop producing until overpopulation gets under control.

    Like I have said before, something is wrong with the picture when we can't find 4-6 million out of 300 million people in this country alone to save all the animals every year before they are killed.

  4. Can money be sent to buy this poor dog a few days? I am willing to send money along with other friends.....Can we do it?