Monday, January 25, 2010

Deaf American BullDog Seeks Help in GA

Further UPDATE: After being rescued, Heart was adopted by a family.
Further UPDATE: Not sure what happened but it is changed that Heart will not be euthanized. She needs a foster, home or rescue.
UPDATE: Heart is to be euthanized on March 31st.

This is the 3rd dog, Heart, coming from the same shelter. She is discovered to be hard of hearing. More hearing than deaf dogs. According to the shelter, Houston and Patches have been rescued. First two were posted last week: Click here

More about Heart

Heart is about 1 1/2 years to 2 years old. She is an absolutely gorgeous dog. She is very sweet and loves attention. She has been dewormed and had advantix applied. Her adoption fee is $65.00 and this would include spaying and a rabies vaccination. Heartworm testing is also available for $5.00 for her.

Jasper County Animal Control
126 Mack Tillman Drive
Monticello, GA 31064
Phone: (706) 468-0396
Email: Karen Bryant at
jaspercoanimalcontrol @ (without the spaces)


  1. The dog looks like sad..

  2. I am a UK dog rescuer and I think what your doing is brilliant! Although I wish I could take him we as he is lovely. We specialise in Dobermanns and Rottweillers and have 9 living with us at our home. I wish you all the best and wished there were more people like you. Best Wishes Angie :)

  3. Oh and I never mentioned I am Deaf!

  4. Hi Angie:

    Thanks. It is wonderful to know you are doing a great thing for the animals. I agree there needs to be more people like us. I'm deaf as well.

    By the way, I like your blog about green living! I am into that as well. Do check

  5. Although the original crosspsoter said the dog is American Bulldog, the dog appears to be more of a pit bull or at least pit bull mix. It has been confirmed by a rescue friend who is experienced in this breed.

  6. i would like to adopt deaf animals since i'm deaf also. i would teach them signs. so cute this dog. hope someone finds him a good home. =)

  7. Yes she is a pit bull. I really hope no one sterotypes her for that. I wish i was in or near Ga so I could bring her home with me but sadly I'm in Ca. Good luck I hope u find her a great home

  8. I hope someone finds it in their heart to give some room to her!!

  9. Gave the link to my sister who lives in GA, she's adopted deaf dogs before. Maybe she can adopt her.

  10. Please somebody rescue Heart , she would make a good watch dog and very protective..I live in CA with 2 just like her.. I would take her if I could....