Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Manhattan, NY: Pit Bull Pup Might Need Help

Bam Bam was spotted by New Hope Department and is at NYC Animal Care and Control (ACC). If you can help, call 1-212-722-4939 or send email to Jess, Lisa, Kim or Emily at jvanbrunt@nycacc.org, ksmyth@nycacc.org, etanen@nycacc.org and lsheard@nycacc.org.

Harriet in Brooklyn

BAMBAM – A843438 – 6 month old male DEAF pittie – 35lbs – OS, starting a new job
Owner is trying to get Bambam back…

A Volunteer Wrote: Bambam is like Valentine's Day candy--he's so sweet he makes our teeth hurt. He loves cats, dogs, and everyone he meets. And his gentle, joyful curiousity! When this 6 month old, 35 pound dog--who our behaviorists gave a high score of mild-expressed interest in my glove, I gave it to him only to have him hold it tenderly and then give it back to me. This dog is so cute that a big, macho dude passing us on the street actually giggled at him. Not laughed--giggled. He has an extraordinary ability for the extraordinary: He somehow innately knew to stop when I stopped, and to walk right by my leg, keeping up pace. I say "extraordinary" because according to his former owner, he is trained to go on a wee-wee pad rather than housebroken yet. But here is the most extraordinary thing of all: This heart-achingly bundle of goodness is deaf. It's something I was unaware of during our time together, that's how well he gets on in the world. He will make a joyful, joyful addition to anyone's life, and any family (or single person!) would not believe their luck in waking up every morning to such goodness.

Look 1 :Eyes averted with soft body ,wagging tail and ears back
Sensitivity 1 : Leans in to the assessor with soft body ,low tail and ears back
Tag 3 : Dog jumps on the assessor,grabs the leash while tugging ,then tries to exit
Squeeze 1 : Gently pulls paw away
Squeeze 2 1 : Gently pulls paw away
Food 1 : Calmly allows food to be moved,follows the dish while soft in body
Toy 1 :No interest
Rawhide 1 :Drops the rawhide
Dog to dog 1 :Approaches the helper dog in play position

amb x 4
doesn't like to be restrained or muzzled
bit inside of mouth during exam
possibly deaf


  1. Aw I wanted him! Is he still available to be adopted?? We have this great female deaf pitbull/boxer who looks exactly like this one! From my experiences, they make great pets!

  2. Yes, he still needs a good home. He is still available but is now a bit older. Here's the other link of him: