Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two Dogs in TN -- One is Deaf and One is Blind

Deaf Pit Bull

Blind Pit Bull

The spotted one is deaf; the other one is blind. The little deaf one is sweet and playful and was a turned in pet due to being deaf. One that is blind can get around really well and the is so sweet and loveable. Both dogs are so deserving to be saved. The shelter is Animal Services of Maury County. My name is Donna Cole and my e-mail address is

Donna Cole


  1. Poor babies..hope they find homes...

  2. Awww.. I wish I could help. I have a partially blind foster cat, and a deaf foster pit bull pup right now, so unfortunately can't take in any more at the moment. I really hope someone is able to help these two.

  3. Me too, Latin.

    Laurie, you are helping these animals in your care already so it's understandable. Hope others can help alleviate the overwhelmingness of those who can't take in any more by doing their part.

    By the way, I once fostered a blind kitten many years ago and what a great experience it was and not too hard. Thanks for helping the deaf pit bull. Pit bulls need the most help these days.