Tuesday, December 22, 2009

American Bulldog/Boxer Mix in AL

This deaf female American bulldog/boxer mix was recently surrendered to our shelter in Auburn, AL. The owner had to give her up because her daughter, granddaughter, and mother all had to move in with her, and there was no roomfor this girl. Probably a situation where they're trying to save money in this terrible economy. She is about 3 years old, sweet-natured and has been trained with visual signals to obey commands such as "sit," "down," etc. HW status is unknown, but we can test her and vaccinate for parvo, bordatella and distemper. We can spay
her, too, though it may have to be after the holidays. She is at Lee County Shelter in Auburn. The shelter phone number is 334-821-3222 or contact Karen at pokahighness@yahoo.com.

Karen Gaston, Volunteer
Lee County Shelter
Auburn, AL


  1. I have a boy that looks exactly like her. He is deaf too and he is the most well trained animal i've ever handled. (did i mention i'm only 13 & trained him with dog food and hand signs). We rescued him from a mobile animal shelter and they didnt inform us he was deaf. I have one question do you think they could be pitbull/bulldogs? Ive been trying to figgure out what he is

  2. Possibly a Dogo Argentina? They have a high rate of deafness.

  3. Dogo Argentina <3 WOULD LOVE 2 HAVE ONE OF THESE BABIES ...