Tuesday, December 1, 2009

3 Deaf Dogs in Philadelphia Need Saving


Kirby (a0901165)

6-9 month old pure white male pit mix that is hearing impaired and stick in a high volume shelter! Little Kirby is playful and sweet and needs a home that understands the needs of hearing impaired dogs and is able to train him to be confident and well socialized. Kirby has no resource guarding issues and seems to enjoy the company of other dogs!

Elmo (09189255)-URGENT

Elmo is a 15 year old beagle that needs to leave ASAP. This old boy was surrendered by family members that took him in after his owner died. He started having seizures after his owner passed and the family that took him in no longer want to care for him. This poor boy is also deaf. Elmo needs another chance! He walks like a dream on the leash, he prances with not a care in the world. He seems to be housebroken and loves to be outside where he can lay in the sun and sniff around.

Dessy (A07301765)

Super sweet, hearing impaired gal that is looking for her permanent home. Dessy came into the ACCT shelter as a stray on March 10, where she was quickly put into foster care. Dessy is not only looking for a home that understands the needs of deaf dogs and can help her flourish, but also one that is active and FUN! She loves to play! Dessy is good with most other dogs (she can however be a bit overwhelming to less energetic or dominant dogs) and can entertain herself as well. Dessy is very people oriented and enjoys time on the couch as well. Dessy's favorite activities:
-swim and splash (mostly splash) in the kiddie pool -skateboarding or jogging -outdoor festivals, she's been to a few and has been great! She is always making fast friends.
-and of course that most traditional game of fetch, she loves it so much, its sometimes adorably goofy.

Dessy would benefit greatly towards her success at being a perfect house dog from nice walks and is learning to walk quite well on leash, she is also great in the car and enjoys sticking her head out the window to sniff the wind!

As much as Dessy loves to play she is also a wonderful snuggler, and can be quite lovey-dovey. Dessy is already spayed and microchipped and is ready to be adopted into her home.

She is about 1-2 years old and is crate trained and is well on her way to understanding house breaking.

Contact: Jill Sweeney at ACCT 111 Hunting Park AVe. Philadelphia, PA
or Christine at crisley1@prodigy.net

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  1. She almost exact like my pitmix zoey. she1 year old now and pure black w/ few speckle white. sound like they are sister already. i would love to take her but couldn't :( b/c i'm living with my parent