Thursday, December 17, 2009

Deaf Senior Beagle in NC is Sad

Hey All,

If anyone knows anyone that would be willing to take a 16 year old Beagle, Homer, that is VERY over weight and mostly deaf please let me know. I have a client that has a 1 year old and Homer has snapped at her a few times now and showing a lot of aggression towards the baby. She has tried gating him, putting him in a different room, etc.....he then becomes destructive. He has always had full reign of their home, she said it's just getting worse and she can't handle it anymore.

She has contacted all the shelters and rescue groups within 3 hours of Raleigh, has sent tons of emails and begging for someone to take him and has no luck yet........if no home is found she is putting Homer to sleep, she had an appointment for that today but cancelled it and everyone is trying to help her find a home for him by Friday. I know it's a tough decision and sad and I am not happy hearing about it but she feels she has no choice, her child comes 1st, etc......

She wants the dog to be happy and go to a good home, but needs a home ASAP. Please spread the word you may have already heard about poor Homer, again, it's so sad!!!!

Happy Holidays to All!
Cindy Golden


  1. What a shame that she is even considering putting this senior dog down.

    I hope this old boy find a home!

  2. Agreed! 16 years of loyalty out of the window. They can't even hold on to this dog until a good home is available for him. They are living in fantasy, thinking one of rescues can take him in when they're beyond capacity.

    Thanks to people who are not opting adoption from rescues or shelters in order for more to be saved. More reason to be ashamed as a human being.