Monday, December 28, 2009

Coweta, GA: Dalmatian Has Until 12/30/09

Can you post this guy around??? He is deaf and will be killed on Dec. 30. If you can help call Kaye at 678-575-3062 or email me at


  • Breed: Dalmatian
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult
  • Size: Medium
  • ID: 0012976 Coweta AC

PLEASE CONTACT COWETA COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL TO ADOPT THIS PET: 770-254-3735. The address is 91 Selt Road, Newnan, GA. This very handsome fella and his companion (female dalmatian in I-6) were brought into the shelter because they were too rough with a yorkie. Therefore, he may not do well with small animals. This fella is a L-O-V-E!!!! When we had him out to get to know him.......he stole our hearts...lock, stock and barrell!

He was shaking like a leaf and very scared......especially since he is deaf and is in a strange place with strange people. While we were standing around him he started to whine pitifully and shake from head to toe. We realized that he was getting very nervous because we were standing around and behind him and he wanted to see our hands and faces as that is his main way of communication by not being able to hear our voices or other sounds. When we moved in front of him and he was able to see us, he calmed down immediately. Just take a look at his precious face and video. not let his life end at animal control. Can you open your heart and home? PLEASE HURRY! This sweetie has been in the shelter since 12/17/09 and will be available for adoption, rescue or can be euthanized 12/29/09! NOTE: CCAC CANNOT ADOPT ONLINE OR OVER THE PHONE. ADOPTIONS MUST BE DONE IN PERSON.

To check the video on this dog, go to:


  1. is he still alive did someone adopt him yet??? and can he be deliver or does he have to be picked up im in pittsburgh pa location.

  2. He has been rescued along with the other hearing dalmatian he came with by a rescue and then adopted into a home.

    In the future, check the labels on the blog page for the update as it says he's adopted. Thanks for inquirng!